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Monday, 11 March 2019

Opulant Lotus Pond - Mixed Media | Made from Cement

Hey guys
Today I have a mixed media project which is completely made from cement. I have never used cement in art projects  and that is why I was really excited to play with this product. This is what I have come up with….a Lotus Pond made from scratch using the craft cement. Lotus are feminine and very royal...this "PROJECT FOR ME A MY WAY OF INTERPRETING A PRINCESS IN HER PALACE".

Whenever I think of lotus there are few words that come to my mind…..exotic, luxurious, sacred and beautiful. So I have clubbed all these things to come up with this Opulent Lotus Pond. I have a tutorial for the same on the ItsyBitsy blog and you can go there by clicking HERE

To satisfy the mixed media artist in me, I coated the entire lotus with Little Birdie Texture Paste and white gesso. I let it dry completely which took about 15minutes. I colored the lotus with various tones of pink. I initially used shades of peach and gold and pink but then at the end I changed it because I wanted a bolder look for the lotus.  
 I jazzed it up with glitter and sparkle and added it to the base plate. I have used M-seal, a fast curing epoxy compound to do this. Then I covered the area around the lotus with microbeads in blue and green to give the effect of murky water and lotus leaves. I sprinkled it with little more gold shimmer and finished it with a fancy lace from my stash. That was the final touch of luxury to my majestic Lotus Pond!! Here are the pictures…I hope you like it. 

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