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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Mails - Newspaper Basket

Hello everyone
I have new project for you this week ad it a newspaper basket made specifically to keep your mails. It is made from newspaper tubes using the coiling technique. The best part about making such baskets, you can first figure out what size you want and then start the coiling process. To make this basket, I needed about 60-70 coiled tubes and now this again depends on the size and thickness of your tubes.
This basket it different from the most of the baskets I have done previously because I have used lot of techniques to make. I have colored the basket with acrylic colors and then decoupages on it using flowers cutouts from tissue napkins and mod podge. Another thing, I have incorporated is some glitter or confetti glitter at few places. To add some more dimension, I have outlined the flowers using some white 3d liner and added few 3D stickers of stamps and a beautiful chipboard key. This basket was way out of my comfort zone wrt to colors and bling...but I liked it the way it turned out.
 I started by making 8 circular coiled discs which are about 5" in diameter. I coiled them around a small bottle to get the uniform hole in the center. Then I went ahead and stuck 2 coils together to make a sturdy biscuit like piece. I made two such pieces. These will be used for making the base. The remaining 4 discs will be used for the sides of the baskets. 

Now to make the piece supported by the discs, we need to make 2 small circular coils with diameter 2" and then coil more tubes over it in a square fashion. This will give us the desired shape. Keep coiling until you are happy with the size. Repeat the step for the other side too.
Not to make the rectangular pieces for the other sides, I suggest you make these when you put your coils together. When you do so, you will come to know the size required for the sides and then it will be easy to coil it.

 Once everything is done, put them together and that should give you the basket frame. I added a coat of gesso before I painted it with acrylic colors. I used Fevicryl colors in mauve, purple and magenta and did some shading. Once throughly dried, I decoupaged it with the flowers and while it was wet added some glitter to the project. After, the drying period, I did the outline in white and then gave it a few coats of Asian Paints Aquadur varnish.

Then came the fun part, adding the little stickers and the beautiful key and some glitter alphabets. These were all glued using Epoxy 6000 just to be sure nothing comes apart ever.
I am adding a youtube link for the tour of this basket.
Thats all folks, my basket is ready. I hope you all liked it. Leave me your comments and queries and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


  1. Oh wow, this is absolutely stunning!! What a creative project!! Wow!! You've decorated it so beautifully!! I love the colors, too!! This is spectacular!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts