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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Tissue Paper Flowers

Hello everyone
I did a few projects last month and blogged about a few. Some my of my projects needed me to make few paper flowers. I have a tutorial for making these flowers. You can surely make more but variety but today I will show you how to make peonies.

  1. Crepe/ Duplex/ Tissue paper (Itsybitsy)
  2. String pollens/ wire pollens
  3. Green tape
  4. Floral wire
  5. Silicon glue (Itsybitsy) or any other strong glue
  6. Newspaper 
  7. Scissors
  8. Wire cutters (Itsybitsy)
  9. Liquid adhesive
  10. Glitter (Itsybitsy)
Procedure:      Peonies
  1. To make these flowers, we need a strong and secured center, coz these flowers are heavy and if you dunt use something sturdy to hold the flowers in the center, it will just fall apart, So to begin what I did was make a newspaper tube. You can take a small piece of newspaper and roll it until you dunt get a nice firm tube. 
  2. Through this tube, pass your floral wire and make a u hook at one end close to the tube. This will make for the center of the flower where our pollens will be held.
  3. Once you do this, take all the pollens you desire in the quantity you like and hold them together. I have used pale yellow and white wire pollens ( 1 bunch each) and 1 bunch of white string/wire pollen. Together I have arranged them in varying height and then keeping the u hook in center, folded these pollens over it. Then, I just added some silicon glue to it to make it stay bunches. Once it all got a bit dry, I then rolled my green tape over it to make a nice center for our flowers.
  4. Now to make the petals, I have used a combination of duplex, crepe and tissue paper. For a simple one, take white crepe paper sheets like you get in markets. Then divide it into 3 parts. hold them together and start folding them in a fan style. Cut the cents of the fan to give it a nice shape. You can cut in U, V or heart shape. I did a U.
  5. Then you can fold the fan and mark the center, turn the fan such that the edges face you and tie it up using some wire from the center of the flower we made to hold the pollens. Wrap it tightly and then open op your fan and start peeling the layers upwards. This is more like how we make pom pom balls, but here we do not peel the layers downwards.
  6. Once all the layers are peeled on both  the sides, the flower will be done. Turn the flower and add silicon glue to seal any gaps. Cut the extra wire if you want or let it be. If you want it to be left, then you cover it with green tape and add some leaves to it.
  7. I added some glitter to the flowers by dabbing some fevicol on the petals and then dipping it in gold glitter.
Our Peonies are ready. Use them to decorate your events and parties like baby showers, birthday parties, festival parties and more......simple and very effective. If you want a video tutorial for the same...please let me know and I will do one shortly.
Thank you for reading this post and I hope you found this useful. Have a great day guys.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous!! Wow!! What beautiful flowers!! Your tutorial is perfect - thank you!! Love these!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts