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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Baby Girl Stroller Gift box

Hi guys.

   I have made a Gift box which looks like a baby stroller. You can pack gifts for the new born on baby shower, baby announcement or any occasion you can think of. Now earlier I had made one for a baby boy....this time its for a baby girl. this gift box is almost 18"in height and the dimensions is 14" x  8" approximately in length and breadth.
I am putting up my project at Craft stamper Magazine  and Petal Lu Challenge #31.
  For tutorial, you can visit my earlier post which is very elaborate Click on this link to go to Baby Stroller Gift Box for the tutorial. However if you guys want a video tutorial for the same, do let me know and I will be happy to do one for you.
This gift box took me 2 days approximately to complete as it is a big one and has tone of details to be added to it. I hope you all like it and would try to make a similar one at home.

Supplies used:
  1.  Mount-boards or Cardboard (3)
  2.  Scissors
  3.  Cutters with sharp blades
  4. Fevicol or white strong glue
  5. Fevibond or silicon glue
  6. Kangaroo 1 hole punch
  7. Crafting mat
  8. Ruler
  9.  Compass to draw circles
  10.  Pencils
  11. Small tip glue tube
  12. Binder clips or clothes pin
  13. Level meter
  14. Chart paper or any handmade paper for wheels ( big sheets in 3 colors of your choice I each. 110 gsm)
  15. Heavy Card-stock (220- 250 gsm )
  16. Embellishments
  17. Eyelets
  18. Eyelets punch
  19. Wooden or acrylic beads
  20. Satin ribbon
  21. Glitter foam sheet
  22. Kite paper or tissue paper
  23. Needle and thread
  24. Glitter paper flowers
  25. Pearls
  26. Rhinestone flowers
  27. Wooden beads
  28. Lace/ Trims
  29. Welcome stamp and Archival ink

To make the movable shutter, I have sewed the pieces of the strips to one another in such a fashion that they pieces do not get apart completely. All the pieces of the shutter are held together with a homemade brad.....its simple .....just use button with 2 holes and a thick wire. Pass the wire through the holes of the button and its ready to work like a brad. I covered the exposed end of the wires using a glitter flower with pearl on the center.

  The shutters are decorated with glitter flowers from Itsybitsy and Pink lace trim also from Itsybitsy. I punched a hole in the center of first shutter and added a pink eyelet to it. I then passed the same pink trip and added 3 wooden beads to it....this helps to add some weight on the shutter and keeps it stay put rather than sliding back.
  Finally, I decorate the edges and wheels with thin strips of pink glitter foam. Adds a little interest an color at the same time. The sentiment used is from Mudra stamps and I have heat embossed it using Ranger black embossing powder. Matted it and mounted it using some foam tape.
  This gift box has movable shutter and fixed wheels. You can add an handle to it if you want but I haven't added it purposefully to enable easy access to the gifts.
I am adding the youtube video link below to view the complete gift box. I hope you guys will like it.
Thank you for reading this post and I hope you all will like this.


  1. My gosh, your creativity is amazing!! Wow!! What a stunning project this is!! I love the sweet stroller!! The design and details are perfect!! And it makes such a wonderful gift, too!! This is spectacular, Mukta!! I absolutely love it!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

    1. Ty Lisa for all the kind words...Ty for visiting me.

  2. Thank for this post,it is need for baby.

    1. Hi Dear...I am glad you found this post helpful.

  3. Hey...I like this decorative pram vryyyy much.can u help me out in making this ??I wil be vry thankful to you

  4. Hello dear...I am so glad you like it. Now, for the detailed tutorial, please visit my earlier post and I am adding a link here
    I have sewed the moving pieces of the shutter but its a little difficult for me to explain how I did i advice you to use a brad to secure the shutter parts tot he pram and then glue the pieces to each other instead of sewing. So the shutter will move as one part but wont slide in and out. I hope this helps.
    Please feel free to ask any doubts you have...