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Monday, 28 March 2016

3 Layer Gift Box

Hello everyone

Today I am posting a three layered box which can be very easily made. My friend Nidhi insisted that I should post something she can try at home. So I am posting a step by step procedure for everyone. I hope all u guys like this box and try to make a similar one at home.

  1. Heavy cardstock  (250 gsm)
  2. Cardstock
  3. Patterned paper or any paper with nice print
  4. 1 hole punch
  5. Scissors\ cutters
  6. Glue (fevicol)
  7. Ribbon or lace
  8. Acetate sheet or Clear transparency sheet
  9. Embellishments
  1. Lets start by cutting a 16" x 5" cardstock piece. Score the Cardstock at 4", 8" and 12". Now we should have a piece which when closed should resemble a open rectangular box.
  2. Once, this piece is ready cover it with pattern paper of your choice on both sides or outside. Any paper which you like can be used but should be thicker than your normal printing paper. While pasting the paper, be careful about allowing movement where the paper is scored.
  3. To make the shelves, we need heavy cardstock and cut like the template given below to obtain a rectangular box.
  4. Make 3 such boxes using the given template.
  5. Once you have these pieces, use a strong adhesive to glue the square boxes to the main piece. Place the lower shelve on the first face of the piece 0.5" from the bottom.
  6. Paste the second shelf on the 2nd face of the piece 2" from the bottom.
  7. Glue the third shelf on the 3rd face of the piece 3.5" from the bottom.
  8. For the lid of the box, use the template given below. You should use a heavy cardstock for the lid. Cut the center part and glue a piece of acetate sheet. Your peek-a-boo lid is ready.
  9. Punch holes on the either ends of the piece. You can add an eyelet if you want. Knot ribbons at the ends and your box is ready.
  10. You can decorate you box any way you like. You can use buttons, sequins,mulberry flowers, mdf embellishments. Just remember to have fun.....

Thank you all for reading this post and I hope you guys will make one soon.

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