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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Stone Tea-light Holder

Hello everyone

Today’s post is about using colorful stones/ pebbles to make a tea-light holders. Tea-light holders make for good gifts and most of us must be having atleast one at home

The tea-light holder, whose tutorial I am sharing today is unique in its own way. It’s made from naturally occurring stones and it has this perforated look which helps the light to seep out creating a wonderful effect in your room once turn off other lights.

  1. Stones or pebbles (colored or uncolored)
  2. Acrylic paints
  3. Epoxy based glue ( Araldite or Epoxy 6000)
  4. Round/ square Chipboard piece (10 cm diameter/sides)
  5. Pattern paper or any paper
  6. Clear varnish
  1. Clean and wash all your stones with soap water to remove all the dirt and grime. Dry them completely before you start using them.
    Purple and grey mixed stones
    Green and Turquoise mixed stones
  2. Get a circular piece of chipboard or any other shape you desire. Size should be approximately 10 cm in diameter or 10 cm x 10 cm if square.
  3. Cover it with Pattern paper on both sides. You can use fabric too.

  4. Now Place the tea-light in the center  and start sticking stones in circular manner using epoxy glue ( I used  Araldite).  Make sure you place stones keeping distance from the tea-light. Instructions to use epoxy glue is mentioned on the product itself.
  5. Once you place a single layer of stones, wait for it to dry a little. Once it dries up, start building a second layer using epoxy glue. In such manner you can build ans many layers as you want. 
  6. Please be careful while placing the stones as they are irregular shaped, it takes patience and practice to place them properly. Sometimes you might have to hold it in place for few mins to secure them in place. I placed 4 layers of stones to obtain my tea-light holders.
  7. That’s all you have to do. The perforated look comes naturally as the stones are all irregular in shape.
  8. Now allow the tea light holder to dry for a day. Once dried, apply atleast 2 coats of varnish. Remember to paint the stones if they are not painted, before applying varnish. You can add embellishments it you want. 
  9. Your project is ready. Light it up and relax.


  1. You do so many wonderful things and so diverse! Beautiful ideas and unusual work. Great blog.

    1. Hey Bozena...Firstly I am sorry if I didn't get your name right...Ty so much for visiting me. I am glad you liked my work and I hope you will come again soon to see some of my new work...Hugs