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Friday, 1 April 2016

Upcycled Cylindrical Gift Box

Hey guys

I am about to show you today how I upcycled a cylindrical box ( Liqueur bottle box) that was stashed in my room since many days. Finally I thought to upcycle it into this very pretty gift box. So if you all have similar boxes lying in your house, its time to upcycle them!!!!

  1. Handmade paper or pattern paper
  2. Adhesive ( liquid or tape)
  3. Scissors
  4. Embellishments
  5. Paper twine
  6. Washi tapes ( A1 craft supply)
  7. Glitter strips (Itsy Bitsy)
  1. I have used a green wrinkled handmade paper which I had bought from a local store to cover the box. The adhesive I used is a Red Tacky Tape which is a double sided adhesive tape to paste the handmade paper on the box.
  2. The borders are done with washi tapes and a white thin glitter strip. I used a regular parchment paper which I cut in circular shape with scallop border and punched holes to form a pattern. This I glued on the face of the box and tied paper twine in pale pink color going around the box thrice.
  3. I finished the face of the box using mulberry roses, mulberry rose leaves and white pollens (A1 craft supply).  You can use anything to decorate the face of the box.
  4. I completed the lid by covering it with white handmade paper and adding a green paper piece in the center. I drilled a hole in the center of the lid and added tassel which I made using pearls and paper twine .Inserted  the tassel ends through the hole and knotted it from the inside. I used pink butterflies (Itsy Bitsy) with pearls to decorate the lid.
  5. Simple and easy. Took me less than 30 mins to upcycle this box. I hope you like it and try to make one soon…..
Thank you for reading this post.

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