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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Pyramid Gift Box

Good Morning everyone

I am going to talk about Pyramidal Gift Boxes today and how you can make one. They look different and incredibly easy to make one. You can stuff them with candies, jewelry: almost anything in it an gift it.

  1. Mountboard or cardboard
  2. Adhesive
  3. Cutters/ scissors
  4. Pattern paper
  5. Ribbons
  6. Embellishments
  1. We will learn to make a 3" x 3" x 3" triangular pyramid i.e each side of the triangle will be 3". The base a square will be 3" on all sides. 
  2. To make this pyramid box, we need 1 3 " x 3 " square and 4 equilateral triangles with each side 3 ".
  3. Once you have all 5 parts, cover it with pattern paper of your choice on one side. That will be the inside of the box.  

  4. Make sure you cover the pieces in such a way that even the edges get covered.Now using the below image as reference, cut the given shape on the desired pattern paper.. Leave a edge of 1 cm on all sides so that we can fold it inside.

  5. Now glue your pieces on the pattern paper. Make sure you leave 0 . 1 “ between the triangle and square edge to facilitate folding of the sides.
  6. Score the edges and fold them.
  7. Punch holes at the top part of all the triangles. I used a gold ribbon to join the holes and close the box.

  8. Yipeee….. your box is ready. Decorate them as you like. I added few sequins and a stamped  sentiment.

You can make of any size you desire. I once made a 12 " x 12 " box to gift a little stuffed animal. The reason I use cardboard is its durability and strength. It can easily take weight without warping.
Thank you all for reading my post..... Have a great day

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