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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Dressing Table Gift Box

Hello everyone

I have made an ideal gift box for a little girl.......  A dressing table gift box which is complete with drawers and a shiny mirror. I filled the drawers with hair accessories and gave it to a little girl on her birthday. Even before knowing about the accessories, she was very excited just looking at it.

SO lets learn how to make one.....

  1. Pattern paper
  2. Adhesive (Fevicol)
  3. Scissors
  4. 6 Empty match boxes (Small)
  5. Piercer
  6. Pearls and gold wire
  7. Acrylic paint
  8. Mirror Paper ( 220 gsm)
  9. Cardboard or Mountboard
  10. Washi tape or paper tape

  1. Cut the mountboard to obtain a trapezoid shape. See the image below for dimensions. This will be the face of the dressing table
  2. Stick 3 matchboxes side by side in such a way that all the boxes can be slided out of their covers. Repeat same with other 3 matchboxes.
  3. Now cut 2 pieces of  mountboard of 4 . 2" x 2" in size. Paste one piece between the pair of matchboxes. Cover the other piece  with pattern paper and paste it below the 2nd pair of matchboxes. This will give us the chest of drawers for the dressing table. This will be approximately 4 . 3" x 1 . 4". Again the dimensions will vary according to the brand of the matchboxes you are using. I am using small SHIP brand matchboxes. If the dimensions of the chest is different. alter your dimensions accordingly.
  4. Cut another piece to obtain a rectangular shape of 6 . 6" x 2" in size . Fold the mountboard like it it shown it the image. You will obtain a 3 face rectangle. Cover it with pattern paper and paste the matchbox drawers inside it. This will complete our drawers.
  5. Cut mirror paper of the same shape as the trapezoid face but 1 cm smaller from the 3 sides and 2 . 25" smaller from the bottom side. Now, cut pattern paper of the same size as trapezoid face. Cut a window of 1 . 5 cm from the three sides and 2" from the bottom  paste in on the face of the dressing table.
  6.  Paste the mirror paper onto the pattern paper and then on the mountboard

  7.  Now paste this entire part onto the face of the dressing table.
  8. Now, take the matchboxes out and cover the face and sides with washi tapes or paper tapes. Also make holes in the match boxes using piercer. Add pearls to a gold wire and intertwine the gold wire to secure the pearl. Pass them through the holes and open the ends of wires to latch them inside. Paste a piece of paper over this to cover wire.
  9. Now, your drawers are ready. Paint with acrylic colors the edges of the matchbox covers so it looks more neat.
Assemble everything and that's all........your box is ready. You can add embellishments if  you like. I did not add anything except a border to the mirror as I thought it would look best without anything to crowd it.

I made a few more earlier........

Fill up the drawers and its ready to be gifted. I hope you guys like it and try to make one soon.....

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