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Monday, 11 April 2016

Pink Aster Gift Box

Hello everyone
I was browsing through the internet and saw pictures of beautiful aster flowers and immediately thought to make a paper floral ornament to decorate a gift box. I  got working to make a pink and grey box so i could adorn it with this beautiful flower.

  1. Cardboard or Mountboard
  2. Adhesives
  3. Scissors/ cutters
  4. Pattern papers of your choice (Mulberry paper, handmade paper etc)
  5. Satin cloth
  1. Start by making a box using the given below image for dimensions.
  2.  Once the base is completely cut out, join the edges to obtain the base box. Cover the inside with pink satin cloth. Now cover the outer part of the base of the box with pattern paper. I have used grey mulberry paper just to tone down the pink. Cover the box in such a way that even the edge is covered properly.
  3. Now, completely cut and ready the top part of the box. Cover the inside and outside of the box with the same pattern paper. I have used a mulberry paper with pink velvet flowers on it. This paper is a bit expensive, so you can use any paper you wish.
  4. Now, stick the two parts together at the places marked in the template image, so that the base and top of the box are joined together.
  5. Make a small cut at the edge at the top of the box and add a small paper tag. This will allow us to easily open and close the box.
  6. Our box is ready and all we need is to add a paper aster to complete it.
  7. I used scraps of the above used patter paper to make the aster. You can refer my post "Gift Wrapping Ideas (Bows and Flowers)" to know how I made the flower. 
  8. I made a big fluffy flower and added few paper twirls and confetti inside the box just to add some fun.
Our Pink Aster Gift Box is ready and waiting for you to be gifted to make someone else feel special. I already gifted mine filled with goodies to my sibling when she was very sad and I hope it made her feel special and happy.

Thanks for reading my post and hope you all liked it.

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