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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Gift Wrapping Ideas (Bows and Flowers)

Hey guys

How are you all? Today I am going to show how to use different types of gift wrapping accessories like bows, flowers, twines and threads, paper and more which can be used to complete you gift wrapping.
Lot of things can be used to beautify your wrapped gifts and you can add these embellishments according to the party theme, seasons, festivals etc.

 There are no limitations of how you can embellish them or what you can use. Let see a few options you can use
  • BOWS: Bows are very commonly used to decorate gifts. Let me show a few types of bows that you can make....
  1. These bows are available readily in market. You can buy the one you like in the desired size and all you have to do it pull the 2 strips inside and your bow is ready. Just tape it and if you want you can also curl the strip using knife or cutter.

  2. You can make bows using satin/ organza/curling ribbons or any other ribbons you can get your hands on. Just make loops and join them in the center.

  3. You can also make a standard bow using these ribbons. See the pictures below to make a perfect bow.

  4. Paper can also be used to make bows like bow ties. You need 1 strip of 15 cm paper and 1 strip of 7.5 cm paper. Make loops on both ends and join in center. Place the smaller paper below the bow. Cut the bow in slant and use a small paper strip to bind it in center.  Cut ends to obtain the v form.You can vary the measurements depending on your size preference.

  5. To make a loopy bow, you need 3 strips of 30 cm, 3 strips 24 cm and 3 strips of 18 cm. Make loops on either sides and join them in the center. See the pictures below to know how to make these bows.

  6. You can make few more bows below by just layering paper loops and joining in the center. You can use different blade art scissors to obtain different effects.

  • FLOWERS: Flowers can be made using any kind of paper like tissue papers, mulberry paper etc. We can also use satin ribbons, organza etc to make flowers. I am showing you a few ways to use flower as gift wrapping embellishment.
  1. Use thin strips of paper and curl them at ends using pencils. Join these strips at other ends to get a flower.
  2. Make flowers using loops of paper.

  3. Using quilling to make flowers or any other shape and add them as embellishments.
  4. Use mulberry flowers and leaves with pollens  to act as your gift topper.
 You can also refer the earlier post Upcycled cylindrical gift box for flower arrangement ideas.
  • THREADS AND TWINES:Threads and twines look charming when used correctly.
  1. Make banners using threads or twines and use them to decorate your wrapped gifts. You can also use hearts, charms, stars etc instead of banners on the twine.

  2. Just use twine to criss-cross on your gifts. Make any pattern with them and add a flower in the center or a tag.
Apart from all this, you can also use
  • Doilies
  • Natural leaves and flowers from your garden
  • Acorns
  • Die cuts or punch outs ( circles, hearts, stars etc)
  • Stickers
  • Stamps and inks
  • Spray spots on your gift paper before wrapping with bright colors
Infinite possibilities and options but one one thing to remember.......have fun while you wrap a gift.

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