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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Baby Onesie Gift Envelope

Hello there
 Today we will do another kind of envelope which looks like a baby onesie. You can use this envelope to add cash or gift cards and also write your message inside for the little baby.

Lets work....

  1. Cardstock (220 gsm)
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Paper tapes or washi tapes
  5. Embellishments
  6. Buttons
  7. Satin ribbon
  8. Cutting mat
  9. Stickers 
  10. Stamps and inks
  11. Embellishments
  1. First we need a template to cut the onesie card. I am attaching a template for your reference. Print it out on an A4 printing sheet.make sure its not very small. 
  2. I have made my own template by drawing one on mountboard. My template is 17 cm x 22 cm i.e approximately 7 in x 8 in. Dunt worry about the size as you can make a bit smaller if you want. 
  3. Score your cardstock in the center and fold it properly. Trace your template on it  and cut the onesie out holding the card folded. Make sure you connect the onesie either at the top fold or the bottom fold. I prefer the bottom fold. Do not worry if you cut out two pieces, you can join them using scraps of paper.
  4. Once you have cut your card, start decorating the top. I added buttons, satin ribbon bows, some paper tapes.
  5. You can do any kind of embellishments like stickers or polka dots or checks or sequins..... just have fun. 
  6. After you have decorated the top, open the card and add a money envelope inside. Yon can read my earlier post about Money Envelopes ( New Born Babies) to know how to make a money envelope.
  7.  Thats all you need to do and your onesie money envelope is ready.