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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Floral Fantasy-Mini Album

Hello everyone
Today I am posting one of my most ambitious projects..... Its a Mini Album I made on a special request in a very short amount of time.....yes you heard it rite....I made this Mini album by working straight for 12 hrs on the first day and after 6 hrs sleep....I worked for 8 hours straight to complete this album. I am sure tired and want to go to bed....but only after I finish this post.

Since, I was working on a deadline I do not have a tutorial for this album but I will make one surely when I make one this month. I a posting a video which will show you the entire album with all tags and flip pages and other embellishments.

  1. White cardstock ( 5 pages for 5 album pages, 12 x 12)
  2. Color cardstock for tags, photo mats
  3. Dark Rose cardstock to cover the Album
  4. Eno greeting Pattern Paper
  5. Eno greeting 3d stickers
  6. Resin embellishments
  7. Rhinestones
  8. Pearls
  9. Mulberry flowers
  10. Velvet Leaves
  11. Pollen
  12. Satin ribbons, Paper twine
  13. Metal charms
  14. Other embellishments
  15. Glue tape ( Red Double sided), white adhesive
  16. Score board
  17. Cutters, Scissors
I have mentioned all the supplies I have used. I Used white cardstock to make 5 pages for the Mini Album. $ pages are flip pages and the center page is single page with a bellyband. Some pages have diagonal pockets while some have just the photo mats. Most of the flip pages have 4 pockets on one side, so 8 pockets per page.

In all the Mini album will take more than 20 pictures though its a random count and more than 10 tags. I have used the gusset binding method with gusset width 1/2" but next time I will do 3/4" gusset. Front and back cover measure 6" while the spine is 3" and the  pages measure 5.5" x  6 ".

Enough talking......I will add page photos for you all to see. Thank you and have a good day....

Cover page and Page 1 with Flip page and tags

Page 1 back and Page 2 with the Flip Page and tags

Page 2 back and Page 3 with belly-band page and all tags

Page 3 back pockets and page 4 flip page with all tags

Page 4 back and Page 5 with flip page and tags

Page 5 back and back cover with all tags

Thank you very much for reading my post


  1. Hi mukta... album is jst awesome... n the time span in regard... thn it bcums more than awesome... was wondering if u can post a video of the album also.

    1. Hi have a video for the ready album uploaded on the blog. Its very difficult to upload the video of making of the album becoz its a long process. I can post in parts if you need it.
      Ty for visiting me.