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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Coiled newspaper basket 1

Hey guys
I am posting a newspaper basket today for you to see. I do not have a video tutorial now but I am working on it and will update them asap.
For now I am adding pictures of basket I made. You will need newspaper tubes to make these baskets. You can refer my earlier videos for making newspaper tubes. Once you have around 100 tubes ready which should be 10-12"in length with thickness of around 0 . 25" we can start with our coiling.

This is a very simple process. We need to start coiling tubes in a circular manner around a pencil to obtain small circular coin like shapes. Depending on the size of the basket ans its shape you can decide how many coils you wish to make.
If you wish to make a basket similar to the one I have made, you will need 16 small coin like coils. I have made each coil using 2 tubes, but then again this may vary according to the size of your tubes. Once all your coins are ready, join then together in a pattern of 4 coils very similar to the one you can see using newspaper tubes. You will need thinner ans smaller newspaper tubes for this purpose and I make them from 1/4 sheet of 1 newspaper page.

So after you join 4 coins together, you will get a square like frame. you should have 4 such frames now. Start coiling your tubes around this frame in a square pattern. If you find it difficult, then you can measure your frame and cut a cardboard piece of the same size. You can coil newspaper tubes around it. I have used 8 tubes to coil around the frame structure. Once you finish this coiling, glue the end like always to hold your coils in place.
If you used a cardboard piece to coil the square, now take off the square coil from the frame and push the frame you made from 4 coins into the square coils. Please apply glue before you push it in. Its a very important step. So now, you will have the 4 sides of your basket ready. Apply white adhesive on both sides of the sides and let them dry.
For the base, I have taken a square cardboard piece 1/2" on all sides and coiled my tube around it. I have used 25 or so tubes to make the base. The length of the sides of the base is equal to the length of the sides of the side. Once your base is ready, start joining sides to the base. Use newspaper tubes to join the sides and the base. Dun't forget to join the adjacent sides.

So that should give you your basket. I have painted my basket with acrylic colors in turquoise and teal. Then I went ahead and splashed some purple acrylic color on it. Once it was dry, I gave it 2 coats of varnish. I have used Asian Paints Aquadur exterior. To finish the look of my basket, I added purple satin ribbon to it using strong adhesive. So that's all folks.
I hope you all liked my basket and I hope my tutorial was helpful for you all. Thank for visiting me and keep upcycling...


  1. Oh my gosh, this is amazing!! I can't believe it's made of newspaper!! The colors are gorgeous!! What a spectacular project this is!! I love, love it!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Thanks Lisa for visiting me....I am glad you liked my project. You have a great weekend too..xoxo

  3. Its really a wonderful creation.nice coloured.which ways this basket can be used plz suggest...

    1. Ty. Use it as pen stand, or brush holder or spoon holder....anything actually.