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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Newspaper Bowls

Hello all your lovely people

I am back with something new this time. I going to share how to make newspaper bowls with you all. They are incredibly easy to make and very versatile in can have square, triangular, circular, hexagonal.......if you can imagine it then you can do it. These little bowls are perfect to keep your little knick-knacks.
You will need very few supplies which are available in your home.
  • Newspapers.
  • Wooden Dovels or any thin stick or yarn needle
  • White Pva Glue or any other white liquid adhesive ( Fevicol Mr)
  • Acrylic or water colors ( Fevicryl\Hobby Ideas)
  • 3d liner tubes ( Fevicryl)
  • Clear varnish ( Asian Paints aquadur exterior)
  • We need to start by making newspaper tubes using a dovel or yarn needle. We will need at-least 30 or more tubes (now this will depend on the size of your bowl).
  • Once all your tubes are ready, just join them end to end by inserting the narrow end of one tube onto the broader end of other tube but add some adhesive inside the tubes to glue them.Make a train of tubes using 30 or more tubes. Now my tubes are 8" in length so I used 30 odd tubes.
  • Once all the tubes are strongly joined and the the glue dries, flatten all the tubes using your hand or pasta machine or anything else you want to use.
  • Start coiling the tubes leaving no gap in the center. Coil as tightly as you can and keep pulling the tube end at regular interval to coil them tightly ( something you would do when you coin ribbons).
  • Please make sure the coil is glue free and they are not stuck to each other. Once you archive something like a plate and like its diameter, stop coiling. I coiled till I got 6" diameter and then glued the end of the tubes to the coil. 
  • Now, we start shaping the coiled paper plate into a bowl. Slowing start pushing the coils away from each other. Be very gentle and be very careful while shaping the bowl because if you separate the coils too far apart, it will just come off and we cant fix it. We will have to start recoiling.
  • Go slow and push the coils away from each other and shape it into a bowl. We need to coat our bowl with glue mixture ( 2:1 Glue to water mixture) evenly on both sides. Let it dry and give another glue mixture coat.
  • Let it dry overnight and you can start painting it or decoupaging it. After drying i completely, give 2 coats of varnish and your bowls are ready.
Simple, easy an very useful. I am sure you all will love it and try this project yourself. Thank you for visiting my blog I hope you liked this post. Till next time, keep crafting......


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! The bowls look amazing!! Newspaper has never looked so beautiful!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts