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Monday, 2 May 2016

Baby Shower Ideas - Part 1

Hello everyone.
Today I want to share some ideas about Baby Shower event. I did a few events myself and so I would like to share some ideas. This week I was busy with some favors and tags and I would like to show you what I made. I am sorry I do not have tutorials but I have final product images.
The favors includes tiaras, tags, a hat and a sashe. There was no theme for this event, yet I differentiated by giving floral hues for the ladies and green and blue hues for the men.

I have used mulberry flowers, leaves and few diecut paper leaves, pollens, green tapes, wires, ribbons, cardstock, pattern papers, vellum, stamps and inks, fine glitter and other embellishments like buttons, diecut butterflies and dragonflies etc.

  • Vellum, Mulberry roses, ribbons, glitter, diecut butterfliers and flowers are from ItsyBitsy.
  • The stamp set I used is from Birthday Wishes set from Inkandinkadoo and the Die inks are from Memento from Crafters corner.

To make the tiaras, I have coiled the floral wire 3 times for better strength. Size of the tiara can vary according to your preference. Then I wound some mulberry flowers, pollens and mulberry leaves around the wire. I covered the entire wire with green tape and then added few diecut leaves to fill the gaps. I cut the wire at the end and made loops at the ends and tied ribbon at the ends to enable size adjustments. I also added ribbon as bows or just knots on the tiara.

Just to make the expecting mother's tiara a little different, I added a Mum-To-Be tag for the expecting mother.

For the sashe, I cut a 8 cm broad strip of mulberry paper. I kept joining them at ends until my sashe was long enough. I cut the banner ends and joined them with an eyelet. Then I added the Mum-To-Be word on the sashe by fussy cutting red polka dotted pattern paper. I foam mounted the entire sentiment to obtain dimension.
Decorated the sashe with diecut flowers and butterflies and finished the entire look with pearls.

I made Uncle-to-be and Dad-to-be tags for the men. Covered 5.5"x 3.5" mountboard with different pattern papers. Added a thin strips of glitter papers to border the entire tag. Then I stamped the frilly pattern and handwrote the sentiments with waterproof pen on a white cardstock and fussy cut the entire sentiment. I adhered this to a piece of vellum which I mounted on the tag using foam adhesive.

To finish the tags, I added embellishments and some fine glitter. I punched a hole on the tag and knotted satin ribbon.

I made a  paper hat for the Dad- to-be and it was the most time consuming project of all. I cut two circle of 6" radius from black cardstock (chartpaper, iris paper, handmade paper can be also used). Then I drew 4 . 5" radius circle inside it from the same center. I divided the inner circle in 8 equal parts and cut along those lines. I scored at the circumference of the inner circle and then bent them on the inside. I then joined these two circle and added a small 2 . 5" radius small circle at the apex. Ensure that the circle is joined at the ends of the cuts so that it takes the shape of a hat.

Once this is done, I added glitter strips, stroller confetti, pattern papers strips and a Dad- to- be tag. Embellish it and you are done. I gave it 2 paper strings to tie the hat on the head.

I hope you all liked it and make it for someone special.

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