Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Hello everyone
How are you all doing? Its another rainy day with some strong showers in Mumbai today...very cloudy and very dull. Well everything can be fixed with a little craft and so I decided to do a post on tiaras. this was however pending since many days and had to done soon.
So for all of you who sent me meaasges about tiaras....this one is for you.
Flower tiaras are incredibly easy to make and look pretty when adored by almost anyone. You can never go wrong with flowers and a little ribbon. To make tiaras, we dunt need much supplies, however I will give you a little gist of what you might need.


Floral wire
Green tape
Mulberry flowers and buds
Mulberry leaves
Satin ribbon or organza ribbon and any other ribbon
Wire cutters and wire pliers

I have listed basic supplies but yet again you can add pearls and little charms and anything else you like. You need not worry if you cant find mulberry paper flowers....use anything you can get your hands on.
We start by first making a circle with the wire and make is so big that it will crown your head. Cut the wire an inch shorter and make little loops at ends. You can even double your wire if you think your wire is too thin. I always double mine or just buy thicker wires. That way, they dunt fold under the weight from the flowers.
Once you do that, start coiling your wire with green tape and simultaneously adding flowers and leaves to the tiaras. I add my pollens to the tiaras by adding them to the wire and covering it with green tape. I add this to the tiaras while I am adding flowers.
Once you do that, you can arrange your flowers as they are wired and are more pliable now. You can add ribons at the ends so the one who adorns it can tie a neat bow at the end.

Incredibly easy to make and very cute when worn. If you need a video tutorial for this, please let me know and I will shoot one for you.Thank you for reading my post and have a great day.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Flora Season Mini Album

Hey Everyone

How are you all doing? I hope you all are amazing. Well, today I have a Mini album to share. Considering its size, its wrong to call it mini album as it 10"by 7"in size. and its a horizontal mini album which I have made for a beautiful to- to-bride. This album has lots of floral pattern papers and so I have kept embellishments to a minimal. Though I couldn't control and went a little overboard.
This is going ot be a very picture heavy log post so please grab a cup of drink, sit back and I hope you enjoy this post.
To make this album, I have followed the layout of Safari Album made by Ginger for Thesisterscrapper. I loved the way she did her pages and some of my pages are inspired by her album pages. This album can accommodate 70 to 120 pics of varying sizes depending if you want to put photos even on the decorated photomats and has 30 tags.

This album has 12 pages including the cover but two pages are joined together to make a pocket page, so the actual count of pages is 5. Joining the pages reduced the spine size and also gave me place to put an extra large photomat.  The size of the cover is 6.75"by 9.75" and the spine measures 6.75"by 3.75". This album when done weighs about 3-4 kgs and I knew it would be massive, I have used double chipboard to make the cover. I took 800 gsm chipboard and doubled it to make the covers and the spine pieces. to add to sturdiness, I have binded the cover using tyvek sheets and I am telling you it definitely makes the cover real sturdy. Covered the entire thing with Kraft cardstock I had bought some white ago from Nagashi Srinivas, her cardstock quality is amazing.

I have used gusset binding system and the left a space of 0.6"between 2 pages. You can leave more if you think your album would be more fluffy. and each binding piece is 0.5". I adhered it to the cover using red tacky tape. I have decorated the cover using  papers from The Flora season by Papericious. I used some Trims and ribbons from Itsybitsy for decorations. On the spine, I have added few ribbons and Trims along with few charms I had in my stash. For the cover, the name is made using Itsybitsy chipboard alphabets which I have distressed using Watnut Stain and Old Paper distress inks and covered with glossy accents. The front cover is embellished with 2 heart resin frames from Eno greetings, few flowers I bought in destash from Jasmine Siddique, some flowers were from my stash and few flowers from Itsybitsy. I also added some fussy cut flowers from the paper collection.

Each page is made with 4 12 by 12 sheet of paper as my size is big. I have used 4 dozen papers to complete this projects which includes photomats and tags and very few scraps are left. I have used an entire A4 paper pad of The Flora season and few pages from Eno greetings 12 by 12 pattern paper pack to make some photomats. All the stickers used are from Handmade stickers pack from Eno greetings. The embellishments used inside are mostly form Itsybitsy.

Each page is a flip page and has some pockets inside to hold tags and photomats. On an average each page can hold 10  to 20 pages and 4 tags, 1 pocket page photomat and and few extralarge photo mats on the flip pages. More or less the layout of the pages are same. I have added some photo books, flip books, folding mats and 4 fold mats for pictures. Nothing more to say, I am adding few pics for you to see. I hope you all will like it

Cover page # Page 1
#Page 2 with Flip page, Pocket page, Tags and Photomats.
#Page 3-4 with Flip page, Pocket page, Tags and Photomats.

#Page 5-6 with Flip page, Pocket page, Tags and Photomats.
#Page 7-8 with Flip page, Pocket page, Tags and Photomats.

#Page 9-10 with Flip page, Pocket page, Tags and Photomats.
#Page 11 with Flip page, Pocket page, Tags and Photomats.

Back Cover page # Page 12
I am putting this album up to Papericious challenge of this month which is Anything Goes.

Thank for reading my post. If you like it then leave me a comment. Have a great day ahead.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Bridal Shower- Photo Booth/ Picture Frame

Hey eveyone
I am back with another Bridal shower product. I have been working on decorations for a Bridal shower and try to upload few of the things I have done. So here is a new one, its a Photo booth where you just hold this frame in your hands and take pictures. Isn't it cool?
This frame is 2 feet by 1.9 feet in size so approximately 24" x 21" in size. It was very overwhelming at the beginning when I started to make it, but once I was sure about the size and what I wanted to do, it was not so much difficult.


  • Chipboard ( Full size or as big as you can get)/ Sunboard/ mountboards/cardboards
  • Pink Handmade Paper ( Itsybitsy)
  • Pink and chevron Pink washi tapes. ( Crafters Corner)
  • Pearls ( self adhesive or flat back)
  • Velvet leaves ( 1"in size)
  • Mulberry roses ( 1"in size)( Itsybitsy)
  • Curling ribbons  in shaes of pinks and whites (Itsybitsy)
  • Satin ribbon ( Itsybitsy)
    Metallic paper (Itsybitsy)
  • Glitter confetti (Itsybitsy)
  • White dulplex papers/ crepe papers/ tissue papers
  • White wire pollens
  • White, offwhite and pale yellow thread pollens
  • Think floral wire
  • Walnut Stain distress ink pad and blending tool
  • Silicon glue/ hot glue gun (Itsybitsy)
  • White adhesive
  • Scissors
There are a lot of things that have brought this frame come to life. I have used chipboard 1200 gsm for the frame. To make it very sturdy, I have doubled it. Then, I went ahead and wrapped it up using pink handmade paper. I added some washi tapes using adhesive so that they do not peel off at all. This gave me the layout for the photo booth. For further embellishing, I added some velvet leaves and mulberry roses to the corners using some silicon glue. Silicon glue really did hold all the things in place.
Using a leaf template, I cut 4 leaves from the gold metallic paper and then distressed it using Walnut stain distress ink. I added some rose gold glitter confetti on the leaves using some white adhesive. I simply outlined the leaves with white adhesive and then poured the glitter on it. Let it sit for few mins and then shake it off.
I made few white flowers using white and pale cream Duplex paper. I have used duplex paper because it has different colors on its faces. You can also used tissue paper, crepe paper. I created the center for the flowers using a bunch of wire pollens and a bunch of white, off white and pale yellow wire pollens, I have done 2 roses and 2 peonies using two different techniques. Once the flowers were done, I added some glitter on the flowers using the same technique used for leaves. I did not add chunks of glitter, just some here and there. I shall do a tutorial for making these flowers in my upcoming post and so I have not including the tutorial here.
I arranged the gold leaves and big white flowers on the frame and adhered them using silicon glue. To fill the remaining places, I added some curling ribbons and satin ribbons. Finished the frame with some self adhesive pearls.
I am putting this project up at Allsorts challenge blog.
That completes the frame/ photo booth. I hope you all liked it and thank you for reading this post.